The New National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Plumbing Research Act and what it means for the plumbing industry

Plumbing, arguably one of the greatest inventions in the world, is not only convenient but also helps keep the earth healthy and sanitary. There is a long history in different types of plumbing humans have had, but we’ll skip to modern day plumbing and focus on our current plumbing systems. Almost all of the plumbing systems today will have pipework connecting outdoor plumbing systems to indoors. As time passes, it is important to maintain these systems and make sure they are efficient and safe. Less than two months ago on July 27, 2022, the U.S. Senate passed the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Plumbing Research Act. This act will allow NIST to work with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and conduct research on premise plumbing systems to improve their efficiency and safety. This research will be conducted between the private sector, federal agencies, and academia which has been conducting research for some years now.

With modern research and technology, researchers argue that some of the materials used for the original pipework in some systems could be harmful to health as well as the pipework itself being oversized which decreases efficiency and can interfere with the quality of the water passing through.

The most common concern in older pipework is lead, which can cause lead poisoning. It is important for governments, companies, and individual contractors to know what type of materials our water is running through, to ensure everyone’s safety. At MIFAB, we are proud to offer low lead and lead free products, as we know the importance and responsibility we hold in providing products that are efficient and more importantly safe. MIFAB is determined to keep the nation’s water supply clean, as we continue to grow and as new findings are shared we will continue to make sure our products are safe and effective.

MIFAB’s copper piston operated water hammer arrestors are lead free and certified to ASSE 1010-1996 and ANSI A112.26.1M Standards, as well as IAPMO and IAPMO R&T certified. The non-freeze wall hydrant is certified lead free by the UPC authority. As standards change, it is important for us to be able to exceed those standards and provide our high quality and safe products.

Our reputation is stainless and sanitary. The world is full of innovation and it is important that our basic needs are always available so we can go out continue to do other innovative work.