MI-HUB Regular Duty No Hub Coupling


MIFAB® Series MI-HUB (specify size) shielded no hub couplings are manufactured with gaskets made from neoprene that meets the requirements of ASTM C-564 housed inside a Type 301 stainless steel corrugated shield. Two (2” through 4” size), four (6” through 10” size) or six (12” and 15” sizes) Type 301 stainless steel clamps tightened with 5/16” Type 305 stainless steel hex head screws surround the shield to provide the sealing force. MI-HUB Series Couplings are tested and certified to the ASTM-#C1277-2018, CISPI 310-2010, CSA B602-2016 (File # 247608) and B70 Standards. They are listed with IAPMO and NSF certified to CISPI 310. Also tested and certified by Intertek Testing Services to CAN/ULC S102.2-07 “Smoke Test.”

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