MI-350-DU Electronic Trap Seal Primer with Air Gap, Distribution Unit and Control Panel in Enclosure

The MI-350-DU is manufactured with a copper air gap, stainless steel body ½” solenoid valve, and 1-4 ports distribution unit (specify -500 for 3/8” copper tube or -625 for 1/2” copper tube port connections when ordering). In enclosure electronic components to include single point power connection at 120VAC, 220VAC or 24VDC, manual override switch, 5 amp breaker, 24 hour timer with relay and adjustable delay. 100 p.s.i. operating pressure. A powder epoxy coated steel enclosure box is included. The MI-350-DU is manufactured in accordance to the ANSI/ASME A112.1.2 air gap in plumbing systems Standard.

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Current Catalog: TSP-2022-08