MI-300-ENC Electronic Trap Seal Primer with Air Gap, Solenoid Valve, Manifold, Control Panel and Enclosure


The MI-300-ENC is manufactured with a stainless steel solenoid valve, air gap, copper manifold and electronic controller. The water discharge frequency can be adjusted to meet the building’s needs. The MI-300-ENC can be located anywhere in the water supply. A manifold is connected to the bottom of the MI-300-ENC to serve up to 5 drains. The MI-300-ENC is practical for infrequently used buildings such as convention centers and sports facilities. The MI-300-ENC is manufactured in accordance with ANSI/ASME A112.1.2 air gap in plumbing systems Standard. UA 18×18 access door is suggested for access to the MI-300-ENC when installed in the wall.

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Current Catalog: TSP-2022-08