MI-300-BP Electronic Trap Seal Primer with Air Gap, Solenoid Valve, Manifold, Control Panel and Battery Pack Power System


The MI-300-BP is manufactured with a stainless steel solenoid valve, air gap, copper manifold and battery pack controller that will last approximately one year. The water discharge frequency can be adjusted to meet the building’s needs. The MI-300-BP can be located anywhere in the water supply. A manifold is connected to the bottom of the MI-300-BP to serve up to 5 drains. The MI-300-BP is practical for infrequently used buildings such as those that do not have access to power. The MI-300-BP is manufactured in accordance with ANSI/ASME A112.1.2 air gap in plumbing systems Standard. UA 18×18 access door is suggested for access to the MI-300-BP when installed in the wall.

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Current Catalog: TSP-2022-08