MI-100 Electronic Enclosed Trap Seal Primer


The MI-100 is engineered for equal distribution of water to all ports. It’s the perfect solution to keep sewer gas from entering the building from seldom used floor drains. The MI-100 can be located anywhere in the water supply and is engineered to permit the building owner to adjust the frequency and amount of water delivery through a timer and stainless steel solenoid valve. A manifold ensures that a minimum of 2 ounces of water are delivered to every port over a twenty-four hour period. The unit must be mounted 12” above the finished floor for every 20’ of water supply line. The MI-100 can be installed with a cabinet cover. The system is capable of priming from 1 to 30 floor drain traps. The MI-100 is practical to serve many floor drain traps in infrequently used buildings such as convention centers and sports facilities. The MI-100 is made of lead free materials that touch water.
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Current Catalog: TSP-2022-08