New MIFAB Representative Northland Sales

I am pleased to announce that effective October 25, 2021, MIFAB’s representative in the Eastern part of Wisconsin will be:

Northland Sales, Inc.
17949 West Lincoln Ave.
New Berlin, WI 53146
Phone: 262-827-1551

Principals: Steve Mellone –
Jeffrey Mellone –

Northland Sales, Inc. will be stocking most MIFAB products in their New Berlin
warehouse (address noted above) in order to service you.

MIFAB is a commercial plumbing products manufacturer of the following products:
1. Specification floor, area, trench and roof drains, cleanouts, fixture carriers
2. Wall hydrants
3. Trap seal primers (pressure drop and electronic) and water hammer arrestors
4. Access doors (steel and plastic)
5. HDPE and steel grease, oil and solids and specialty interceptors
6. Fabricated stainless steel and steel trench and floor drains
7. Polypropylene and concrete trench drains
8. Acid neutralization tanks
9. Dialysis boxes
10. No hub and flexible couplings – incl. Quick Hub couplings – 40% faster install
11. BEECO backflow preventers, pressure reducing valves, gate valves, strainers,
gauges and related products.

Michael Whiteside

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