FAQ: Roof Drains

R1220 Series/M-80 Low DomeCan the M-80 low aluminum dome with the R1220 Series?No, the M-80 dome is to go with the A2 body and the R1220 uses the A5 body. The M-80 dome would not work for R1220 series draines.
R1270 SeriesCan the -R option for the A2-WD be used?Yes, remove the A2-C3-W and the W-31, then use the A2-WD instead.
Roof DrainsWhat is the Mifab cross to the FROET 100C3? The R1200-SO is the Mifab cross for FROET 100C3.
Scupper DrainsWill there be a probles using our scupper drains with a zinc system?This would be no problem. Zinc works fine with our epoxy coated Ductile Iron.