FAQ: Interceptors

All InterceptorsWhat to do if interceptor smells?The first thing to do is to check the gasket. Sometimes the gasket needs to be trimmed
so the lid can be sealed and closed properly.
Interceptor LidsWhat is the load rating for the -HD lid option?10,000 lbs. is the load rating, just like in the book for the MI-G, it just does not say in the Counterline book.
MI-BOLT’sWhat kind of threads do the bolts on the lid use?The MI-BOLT has a 5/8-11 course thread.
MI-O-HU / Aluminum LidsWhat is the load rating for -AL Aluminum lids?Aluminum lids are rated for pedestrian only, no more than regular foot traffic.
Interceptor MeshCustomer needs interceptor to have coffee grind proof mesh, is standard mesh small enough for codffee grounds?Standard mesh is not that fine, special material would have to be ordered to make the mesh.
Draw off ValvesCan the 2″ draw off valve be used on all interceptors?Yes the 2″ draw off valve can be used on all interceptors
All InterceptorsCan we make an interceptor with Duel inlets? If so what is the adder?We can put duel inlets on an interceptor, there is a $50 adder for this.
MI-G-SDHCan the MI-G-SDH have rigid piping added to more closely model the Zurn Z1173-RD?Yes it can, the net adder would be $50 for this.
Dosing PumpCan a customer use an existing dosing pump with a Mifab Interceptor?Yes, but if anything happens it is not covered by Mifab’s Warranty.
MI-G-0What happens if the flow control tee is not installed in the line? Will this cause effluent to leak out through the bolt hole and the cover gasket?By not installing the flow control it causes leakes through the bolts and cover gasket and the interceptor will not work properly.
MI-G InterceptorsAre MI-G interceptors fire rated?The MI-G series interceptors are not fire rated.
XL-MI-G-0Do we offer trade waste tanks for our interceptors?We do not offer any kind of trade waste tanks.
MI-E-ODo we offer an electronic interceptor that runs at 50hz?No we do not have an MI-E-0 that operates at 50hz.
MI-GCustomer in a dairy/ice cream establishment is having trouble with waste not solidifying in the interceptor.We would recomend using a smaller interceptor in front of the main one to allow water to cool, we also would recomend using a dosing pump.
Flow ControlWhat are the FLC and FLCT flow controls made out of?The FLC and FLCT flow controls are cast iron.