FAQ: Floor Drains

F1100-CWhat is the thickest membrane material you can use with the standard HS-1 bolt?1/8″ is the thickest that the HS-1 bolt will work with, however if thicker is needed, longer bolts
need to be used is all.
A1-4-30-7Does the plastic body come with holes tapped for the under deck clamp?The plastic A1 Bodies come with holes tapped for Under Deck Clamps.
F1540Can we offer an F1540 with a heel proof grate to match a Zurn model?Yes we can. A heel proof veneer can be used to make the grate heel proof. There would be an adder for this.
Floor Drain BodiesIf a customer wants a drain without weep holes, do we have drain bodies without weep holes?All of our floor drain bodies have weep holes, unless we have something custom made we offer no bodies without weep holes
MC-10-PBG-FELTWhat is the I.D. and O.D. on the MC-10-PBG-FELT?The I.D. is 2 1/8″ and the O.D. is 3 3/4″
Floor DrainsHow much aditional height adjustment do you get when using A1-C1 and A1-C2?You get about 1 1/4″ more height adjustment with A1-C2.