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Slim Trench New Contractor Kit - Shallow Depth Trench Drain System

Easy Clip Connector System: 2-7/8 inch Shallow Depth!  Each Kit Includes: 3 Assembled Trench Drain, 3 Bottom Outlet T300-PBO, 6 End Cap T300-PEC, 3 End Outlet T300-PEO2, 12 Easy Clip T300-CLIP

2 inch No Hub Bottom Outlet, Closed End Cap, 2 inch No Hub End Outlet, Easy Clip Connectors


Our Shallow Depth Trench Drain system is the drainage solution for removal of standing surface water.

Each Contractor Kit comes with enough parts for several different configurations.

Part No. T300-KIT


  • Non-sloped, Shallow Depth (2-7/8") Trench Drain System with Easy Clip® attachment connectors
  • 6" wide, 39.4" long, 2-7/8" deep
  • Lightweight & chemical resistant polypropylene body and grate
  • Bottom and End Outlets available in 2" no hub outlet connections Class A standard in kits. B and C grates with H-20 and/or ADA compliance are also available.

For pool, residential, kitchen and sidewalk areas.

Available now through your local Plumbing Supply store.

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For more information on this product, contact your local rep, call our customer service at 1-800-465-2736 in US. 1-800-387-3880in Canada, or email us at sales@mifab.com.

Written installation instructions are available at http://www.mifab.com/Catalog/Library/T300_Slim_Trench_Installation_Guide.pdf

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