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Serving all of the USA, Canada, Australia and the Middle East, MIFAB can provide you with the quality, engineered plumbing and drainage solutions you need. Innovative product designs save the installer time and material cost and provides the owner with higher quality cast stainless steel drains and cleanouts for the same cost as the industry standard nickel bronze. Contact us today to learn more.

MIFAB RoofGuard - Make Roof and Scupper Drains Uncloggable - Install it and forget it!

Debris Floats Above, Water Flows Below: Eliminates water, saves money, easy to install, for roof drains and scuppers, compiles with UL 441 sect. 26 wind load test

Ideal to replace existing roof drain domes on the roofs of schools, warehouses, factories, office buildings and any other building that has standing water due to clogged roof drain domes.

Our patented design has 5x more surface area, making a RoofGuard protected drain virtually UNCLOGGABLE!

Fits over most anybody's drain! – RoofGuard will replace any roof drain dome up to 15" wide and scupper drains 6-12" wide.

Part No. RG2016DG, Part No. RG2016DD, Part No. RG2016DDC, Polyethylene RoofGuard Scupper and Roof Drain Domes, Cast Iron RoofGuard Dome

Installation and Maintenance is Simple

The polyethylene RoofGuard body is attached to the roof with an exterior rated sealant. No tools required.

It also features a removable top for access to the drain and drain pipe without detaching the RoofGuard body.
The cast iron RoofGuard is attached to the existing drain body using three or four bolts (depending upon the drainmanufacturer) and a universal membrane clamp ring that ensures it will line up with the existing body, no matter who the manufacturer!

Also available as a full drain.
Only an annual inspection and cleaning is recommended.
Where to Buy

Available now through your local Roofing or Plumbing Supply store.

For more information on this product, contact your local rep, call our customer service at 1-800-465-2736 in US,1-800-387-3880 in Canada, or email us at sales@mifab.com.

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Download our full RoofGuard-2018 Uncloggable Roof Drain Dome Booklet

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