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MI-SOLID-L Series - Large Sediment and Solids Interceptor

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Specification: MIFAB® Series MI-SOLID-L large capacity powder epoxy coated interior and exterior 10 gauge fabricated steel solids interceptor with internal perforated sediment bucket and baffle assembly. Interceptor complete with 3” F.I.P. low inlet and 3” F.I.P. high outlet on other side for flow through installation.

Function: Typically installed between the MI-G Series grease interceptor and the fixtures served either on or recessed in the
floor. The solids interceptor will filter out solids and sediment from the fixture waste line before entering the related grease interceptor to reduce clogging and improve performance. Interceptor is cleaned by removing top access gasketed lid and accessing the internal sediment bucket.

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23.00 lbs.
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70 lbs.

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MI-SOLID-L Series - Large Sediment and Solids Interceptor


MI-SOLID-L Series - Large Sediment and Solids Interceptor

MIFAB Design
MIFAB is a recognized industry leader in the field of interceptor design and production.
As such, we offer a variety of specialized options and site-specific applications too numerous to list in this price guide. Features such as sacrificial anode packs, all stainless steel construction and a variety of other special features available.
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