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MI-E-O-HU Series - 10 to 250 US G.P.M. Electronic Oil Interceptors with Integral Oil Storage Tank

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MIFAB's electronic oil interceptor monitors the oil level within the interceptor. A control panel built into a standard electrical box consists of a multi-level LED display that alerts the operator to the current oil level. A green light on the control panel indicates normal operating conditions. At 50% oil storage capacity, the green light will change to yellow. At 75% oil storage capacity, the yellow light changes to red, the alarm will sound, and the inlet will be closed by a motorized valve. The closed inlet prevents additional oil from entering the interceptor and from discharging into the piping system. The operator must remove the lid of the interceptor and remove the accumulated oil and clean off the oil sensing probe to ensure that the motorized valve opens and regular operation can resume. A back-up battery ensures continued operation during short power failures and closes for safety during extended failures. The control panel and internal controls are pre-wired by MIFAB. 115 volt main to 24 volt transformer and low voltage wiring from the control panel to probe inside of the interceptor to be provided by others.

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