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Serving all of the USA, Canada, Australia and the Middle East, MIFAB can provide you with the quality, engineered plumbing and drainage solutions you need. Innovative product designs save the installer time and material cost and provides the owner with higher quality cast stainless steel drains and cleanouts for the same cost as the industry standard nickel bronze. Contact us today to learn more.


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MPB-2018-USA List Price Increase – Effective March 5, 2018

MPB–2018 Price Increase Letter.

CLPB-2017 List Price Increase – effective November 1, 2017

Click here to view November 1, 2017 Price Increase letter

Click here to view the MPB-2018-USA Specification Drainage List Price book – that goes into effect March 5, 2018

Pricing increase on FILCOTEN – effective April 15, 2017

April 15, 2017 Price Increase Letter.

Pricing Increase on Couplings - Effective March 15, 2017

March 15, 2017 Price Increase Letter.

Posted July 2016 Newsletter


July 2016 Newsletter

Posted August 2016 Newsletter

August 2016 Newsletter

Click here for archived MIFAB News.


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Posted January 2016 Newsletter

January 2016 Newsletter.pdf

Posted February 2016 Newsletter

February 2016 Newsletter.pdf

Posted March 2016 Newsletter

March 2016 Newsletter.pdf

Posted April 2016

April 2016 Newsletter.pdf

MIFAB – Mentioned In Industry Leading Website

We like to keep our customers up-to-date on our web presence and we are proud to announce that we received some nice coverage in a leading plumbing informational website theplumbinginfo.com.

Even if you're a seasoned veteran of the plumbing industry, check out this comprehensive tutorial regarding roof drains. Our friends at The Plumbing Info are long time MIFAB product supporters.

The article goes into depth on real world applications for roof drains, from the different roofing materials used to how to identify existing roof drainage manufacturers. They even include a step-by-step guide on the easiest way to remove and replace drains in different types of roof decks.

theplumbing image 1The piece is filled with time and cost saving tips to help you streamline your next roof drain replacement project.

Please click on the link above to read the article from our friends at The Plumbing Info.comand contact MIFAB at 1-800-465-2736 with any questions!


NEW LEAD TIMES- December 1, 2014

Below please find the most recent update to our production lead times:


Paint/ Epoxy/Galvanizing             2 weeks


  • All  products fabricated in our Chicago facility with a net price equal or below $8000 (as shown on sales order) will be shipped within 3 weeks of sales order creation.


  • All products fabricated in our Chicago facility with a net price above $8000 (as shown in sales order) will be shipped within 6 weeks of sales order creation, unless confirmed otherwise due to project scope or complexity.


 Pricing Increases- effective Jan. 1, 2015

MPB-2015-USA Price Increase Letter

MPB-2015-CAN Price Increase Letter 

BEECO-2015 Price Increase Letter


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