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Specification: MIFAB Series MI-XHUB (specify size) heavy duty no hub couplings are manufactured with gaskets made from an elastomeric compound that meets the requirements of ASTM C-564 housed inside a Type 304 stainless steel corrugated shield. Four (2” through 4” size), six (5” through 15” size) Type 304 stainless steel clamps tightened with 3/8” Type 305 stainless steel hex head screws surround the shield to provide the sealing force. The MI-XHUB are tested by I.A.P.M.O. to comply to the FM1680-1989 Standard (except for markings) and CSA B602-2010 Standard (up to 10”). They are tested and certified to the ASTM C1540-2011 Standard. Per OSHPD Code Application Notice 5-311.9 revised 6/29/2011, signed by Paul Coleman; Section I (a) states that: “the use of couplings that have been tested to conform to the performance requirements of FM Approvals, Approval Standard 1680, Class I, by FM Approvals or by a nationally recognized independent testing agency” are acceptable. The MI-XHUB are also tested and certified by Intertek Testing Services to CAN / ULC S102.2-10 “Smoke Test”.

Function: Used to provide a positive and significant seal between no hub cast iron pipe and fittings.

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Model # Size Carton Qty. Pallet Qty.
MI-XHUB-150 1 1/2" 60 2280
MI-XHUB-2 2" 72
MI-XHUB-3 3" 24 960
MI-XHUB-32 3" x 2" 24 960
MI-XHUB-4 4" 24 576
MI-XHUB-42 4" x 2" 24 576
MI-XHUB-43 4" x 3" 24 576
MI-XHUB-5 5" 27 324
MI-XHUB-6 6" 27 324
MI-XHUB-8 8" 15 180
MI-XHUB-10 10" 9 108
MI-XHUB-12 12" 5 60
MI-XHUB-15 15" 4 32
Returned 13 Results
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